One String Willie
Willie's Diddley Bows

Replica of Eddie "One String" Jones' diddley bow:  a board with a length of broom-wire stretched between two nails, tensioned by a scrap of wood and a jelly jar with a paint-can resonator


Cigar box diddley bow (Partagas Black Label Clásico box), broomstick neck and a wound guitar E string


Replica of Willie Joe Duncan's Unitar diddley bow:  wooden bed rail with scraps of pipe as bridge and nut, and a fence-wire string tensioned by a turnbuckle


"Red Alligator" diddley-bow custom made by WILLARDJ.  Wound guitar A or E string, piezoelectric pickup.  Enquire at


Lowebow electric diddley bow, built by John Lowe (dated 9-3-05) for the late Donald "Boz" Bostwick.  Given to One String Willie by Boz' wife, Karel Bostwick.  Willie wishes to express his deepest thanks to Boz and Karel for their encouragement as well as for this generous gift.


Box-type diddley bow with an oak body and oak neck, galvanized steel top and back.  Builder unknown.  Given to One String Willie by Roger Morin.  One String Willie wishes to express his deepest thanks to Roger for this generous gift.